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North Shore Choral Society

Evanston, Illinois

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NSCS Membership

Information for Members Only

The North Shore Choral Society uses this website to keep its members up to date on what's going on, including membership policies, rehearsal plans, and resources.  Login to the system with the Username and Password given to you to access this information.  Additional links will appear under Membership once you are logged in.  You may want to "bookmark" (or "favorite" or "shortcut") the membership page, rather than the home page of the site, so that you can login right away.  Some of the Quick Links for Members! (shown near the top of every page), such as Calendar, will prompt you to login before taking you to the link target.

To login, if the username box is empty, click twice in the Username box and you may be presented with one or more usernames to choose from.  These are usernames that your browser "remembers" from previous times you logged in.  Click on a username to select it, and the password may automatically be filled in so that all you need to do is click on the Login button (or press Enter on the keyboard).  (All these instructions are dependent on what browser you use; sorry if they don't work for you!)

If you now have an individual account for accessing the "Members Only" portion of the site, you might like to have your browser "forget" the other username(s) that you previously used.  To do that, before you login, click twice in the Username field of the Login Form.  Move your mouse cursor over the username you want to delete but DON'T CLICK ON IT!  When the username you want to delete is highlighted, press the Delete key on your keyboard.  If your browser only remembers one username for the NSCS site, that username and the password may automatically appear whenever you are presented with the Login form (depending on your browser). 

If you access the site with a public computer (such as one a library), please do not have the browser "remember" any Username and Password on that computer if you are presented with that option.

Please feel free to contact the webmaster with any suggestions or questions you have about the website.  Thank you!

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