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Becoming a Member

Information about the responsibilities of membership, how to become a member, and special membership programs.

We Welcome New Members!

We welcome singers who have the desire and commitment to learn and perform great choral music.  Regular rehearsals are held weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:45 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church, 3637 Golf Road, Evanston. 

For more information about singing with the Choral Society or to schedule an audition appointment, contact the NSCS Auditions Coordinator.

Auditions are held in September (and sometimes before the first rehearsals for subsequent concerts of the season, if the Music Director needs to balance the sections).  There are no special preparation requirements for this audition.

NSCS Choral Scholars Wanted!

About the NSCS Choral Scholars Program

The Choral Scholars program targets university students who have a desire to pursue choral singing in their community. Choral Scholars have a strong background in music and choral singing and are auditioned for this program by Music Director Dr. Julia Davids. They may be university students who want to sing but have no group available at their school. They may also be students who want to sing with another ensemble in addition to the one they sing in at their school.

North Shore Choral Society provides Choral Scholars with music and waives their membership dues to enable their participation. Choral Scholars work directly with Music Director Dr. Davids and the Board of Directors on special assignments related to the operations of the Choral Society.

The Choral Scholars experience provides students with an understanding of both the musical and business aspects of the choral organization. Participation in the program demonstrates to students that choral singing can be a lifelong pursuit.

We are currently accepting applications for this program.  Please contact our General Manager for more information.