North Shore Choral Society

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North Shore Choral Society

Evanston, Illinois

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Support for the NSCS

The North Shore Choral Society is a not-for-profit community chorus which has served this area for over eighty years, giving many hundreds of non-professional singers the opportunity to perform choral masterworks, both classical and contemporary. The NSCS is a member of the Illinois Arts Alliance and has been partially supported by grants from the Illinois Arts Council, an agency of the State of Illinois, and the Evanston Arts Council.

Principal support, however, comes from individual and corporate sponsors as well as ticket sales. Your contribution, large or small, is important. Please consider becoming a sponsor of the North Shore Choral Society.

There may be significant tax benefits in donating appreciated stock to the North Shore Choral Society.  Learn more.

Please support North Shore Choral Society!

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